Java, light as a feather...


ActiveJDBC is a lightweight and fast Java ORM

If you:
  • want to write a lot less code
  • are tired of configuring ORMs
  • do not like to write a ton of persistent code
  • like conventions over configuration
  • do not want to learn another query language
  • want your persistent code to run fast
  • want to simply understand your code better...
... then ActiveJDBC is your ORM!
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Full stack Java web framework for agile development

If you:
  • do not like piece-mealing solutions for days
  • like conventions over configuration
  • want to be productive the first minute
  • want to see your code changes reflected immediately
  • want beautiful REST-like URLs
  • want to use the same standard Java project structure
  • want to easily write high quality tests
... then ActiveWeb is your Web framework!
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