Table vs Model name

By convention, all tables use a plural form, while corresponding models use singular form of a word.

Examples are:

  • Table COMPUTERS is mapped to model Computer
  • Table PEOPLE is mapped to model Person
  • etc.

This convention can be overridden with @Table annotation.

English inflections

ActiveJDBC is using English inflections to convert singular form of a model to a plural form of a table. It does include simple cases such as adding an s at the end: COMPUTERS => Computer, as well as English exceptions, such as PEOPLE => Person, MICE => Mouse, etc.

If you are interested in how this is done, and what exceptions are supported, you can inspect source code of Inflector


At the time of first use of a model after an application start, ActiveJDBC fetches metadata from a connected database and looks for tables corresponding to names of models using either English inflections, or values provided by @Table annotations


Default mapping

will be mapped to a table COMPUTERS.

Default mapping with English exception

will be mapped to a table OCTOPI.

Overridden mapping

will be mapped to a table OPERATOR.

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