Latest snapshots

Can be downloaded from the Sonatype Repo:

  • Java 16 version: 3.1-SNAPSHOT
  • Java 8 version: 2.7-j8-SNAPSHOT

If you want to pull JavaLite snapshots, add the snapshot repositories to your pom:

Release 3.0

Main goal: implementation will run on OpenJDK 16.

Release 3.4-j11

Release 2.6-j8

NOTE This release fixes the Log4j vulnerability bug 1175. For more changes, please see the release notes (link below).

Release 2.5-j8

Release 2.4-j8

Release 2.3.2-j8

This release supports Java 8.

Release 2.3.1-j8

This release supports Java 8.

Release 2.3


Release version is: 2.2


Where is release 2.1?

We had some issues in the process of releasing 2.1. As a result, it is not complete and should not be used.

Maven config

Here is the Maven dependency config:

Replace activeweb with the name of the module you are using (activejdbc, app-config, etc.).

Past releases

Past Release JavaDoc

Release 1.4.13

Release 1.4.12

Release 1.4.11

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