This simple ActiveWeb project available for download demonstrates main principles of the framework. It is a CRUD application, which can list/add/view books. It also shows how to write model and controller specs (tests), and how to perform dependency injection.


  • Java (any version will do)
  • Maven 2/3
  • MySQL (only required for this startup app, not a real dependency for ActiveWeb)

Get example app

Clone the app: ActiveWeb simple example

git clone

Adjust DB properties

Edit this file, and adjust connection properties, as well as database names for different environments


Create DB schemas (in MySQL):

Execute the following in the root of the app:

mvn db-migrator:create
mvn db-migrator:migrate

This will create appropriate databases in MySQL and run migrations located in


Start the app


mvn jetty:run

Navigate with browser: http://localhost:8080/activeweb-simple/

How to comment

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If you have an issue, or discover bug, please follow instructions on the Support page