JavaLite Common is a collection of convenience classes and packages that are shared across other JavaLite modules.


A simple class that adds some syntactical sugar when creating lists and maps. For instance if you want to create a list of strings, normally you would:

with Collections, you would:

.. or use a method li for the same purpose.

For maps:

For more features, see: Collections JavaDoc


This is an important class because it is used throughout the framework to convert one type to another.


There are many converter methods. You cn explore at: Convert.


Allows to generate distance in time in a human readable format:


Translates English in singluar form to plural and back, as well as other translation functions:


This class is a convenience for a popular library FasterXML/jackson. Jackson is on the classpath and you can use it directly. However, you migth find these shortcuts convenient:

If course in the first three cases, the string objects need to contain proper JSON content;


This is a Swiss army knife for working with files and streams, as well as other functions:

Reading resources:


For Validations framework, refer here

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