The simple example app needs a few small modification to run on OS X. See below for each.

Setting Tools Jar Path

On OS X there is no tools.jar, its instead named classes.jar and lives in a different directory. Here?s how to pick it up in your pom.xml

And then update this dependency to use the toolsjar variable:

Picking an App Server

You have two choices here. You can either make a change to the jetty-env.xml file to get jetty working, or you can switch to use the Tomcat plugin instead of Jetty. Here?s the details for both.

Jetty plugin

To get Jetty to work update your jetty-env.xml file like this:

Tomcat plugin

Alternatively switch to the Tomcat plugin in pom.xml. The only oddity about Tomcat plugin is that it is pinned to the compile phase, which means that unlike Jetty it will not run instrumentation automatically. Other then that, no issues with Tomcat plugin on MaxOS. Here is the configuration:


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