Release notes v2.3.2-j8

Supported Java

Built with Oracle JDK v 8.x. Should work with OpenJDK too.

The full release notes can be found here.

Migration from previous versions

While we have been striving for 100% compatibility with application code, sometimes you need to make decisions that break it. This release introduces one such inconvenience.

For instance, if you used this code in previous versions:

Such code relied before on availability of a file / on your classpath. With this release your app will break with a message:

Could not find configuration in a property file for environment: development. Are you sure you called org.javalite.activejdbc.connection_config.DBConfiguration.loadConfiguration("/") or similar? You can also call org.javalite.activejdbc.connection_config.DBConfiguration.addConnectionConfig(...) directly

This message is telling you that this file is not found and you need to explicitly call DBConfiguration.loadConfiguration("/"). So, adding this line to the example above will clear this exception and load the properties file:

In addition, you can give this file a different name.

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