Often times, developers use the same filters against the same table to categorize records by one or more columns, such as getting members of a marketing department:

SELECT * from EMPLOYEES where department = 'marketing'

or getting people from a city:

SELECT * from PEOPLE where CITY = 'Chicago'

Basic scope

If you find yourself doing the same over and over, you can abstract this away into a scope:

after that, just indicate what scope you need:

Combine scopes

You can combine multiple scopes in the same request. If you have multiple scopes defined on your model:

then you can combine these scopes:

The framework will combine the scope filters together as expected.

Combine scopes and conditions

Further filtering is possible to using the where() method as usual:

All the normal mechanisms and behavior is still in place.

Scopes allow to abstract away mundane requests and make the code more readable.

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