Igor Polevoy
Igor Polevoy

Created Feb 20 2019

As I was working on the issue to upgrade all dependencies to their respective versions, the work progressed smoothly until I had to upgrade Ehcache from version 3.0.0.m4 to version 3.6.3. If you are using Ehcache v3, here is the config doc.

Unfortunately, the developers of Ehcache introduced a non-compatible change, such that it requires a different format of your XML configuration file.

Here is the previous format for activejdbc-ehcache.xml for version 3.0.0.m4:

The new format will look like this (3.6.3):

If you maintain the older format, your project will break if you upgrade to version of JavaLite 2.3 of 2.3-SNAPSHOT.

So, this article is to help you with this upgrade. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.