Igor Polevoy
Igor Polevoy

Created Jul 22 2019

Finally, after much work for almost a year, we released a new version of JavaLite!

JUnit 5 Support

JUnit 5 has been out for some time, so there were a number or requests to add its support to JavaLite, which we did. However, in the spirit of the backwards compatibility, we retained support for JUnit 4, which means that you can use JUnit 4 and 5 in the same project if you like.

Add ability to use model classes without connecting to the DB

As you know, ActiveJDBC uses Runtime Discovery for its dynamic configuration of model attributes, tables as well as relationships. This means that whenever you use any model for the first time, your program needs access to the database so that the metadata could be pulled out.

This approach works well, as the database is the only place of reference. However, it does not work well for all cases, so a Static Metadata Generation was implemented.

Please see Static Metadata Generation for more information.

What about the rest?

The rest of the changes can be found on the Realse Notes 2.3 page.

What is next?

We set our sites on Java11 and beyond. In the process we will be maintaining compatibility to Java 8 as we grind into Java11. Here is how branching and versioning will work:

  1. The branch java8 to release versions 2.3.X to support Java8.
  2. The master branch will be used for version 3.0-SNAPSHOT and will be switching to support Java11 and later.

All important bug fixes and new features will be implemented on master and then cherry-picked to the java8 branch.

Version 2.3.1 is for Java 8 maintenance. The next version 3.0 will start supporting Java version 11 and later.