At the heart of the ActiveWeb project there is an MVC pattern - Model-View-Controller. ActiveWeb project is an implementation of a famous MVC pattern but adopted for the web.


A model in the ActiveWeb application is represented by custom objects that contain data. These can be ActiveJDBC models, or any other custom objects which represent information specific to the business domain of the application.


View in the ActiveWeb project is represented by FreeMarker templates. While ActiveWeb can be used with other templating frameworks, FreeMarker is currently the only implementation.


A controller in ActiveWeb is a Java class which extends class org.javalite.activeweb.AppController and provides one or more public void methods. An instance of such a class is used to process web requests.

For better understanding of control flow of HTTP request from controllers to views, please refer to Five Minute Guide To ActiveWeb. For more information on controllers, navigate to Controllers explained page.

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