Provides everything you need for building a modern dynamic web application or a REST-ful web service.

Design principles

  • Convention over configuration - zero configuration is required to develop ActiveWeb applications, and some conventions are overridable.
  • Highest degree of developer productivity - ActiveWeb allows developers to build real Java web projects without the need for the typical compile/package/deploy/start cycle. A container is started once, and development can continue. ActiveWeb will recompile controllers and reload them into a running container on the fly.
  • Adherence to Java standards - ActiveWeb binds to core Java standards: JDBC and Servlets.
  • First-rate built-in testing capabilities - ActiveWeb provides the ability to test every discrete business function, including data generated by business logic, the content and structure of generated HTML/JSON/XML/XYZ, and complex user scenarios, all without having to start a container. ActiveWeb is perfect for true TDD/BDD, and it promotes writing specifications (tests) before coding implementations.
  • Full stack web development platform - unlike many other Java frameworks, which usually solve only one problem, ActiveWeb is a full stack development framework for the Web. It provides all features that are integrated together.
  • Integrated dependency injection - ActiveWeb integrates Google Guice as a dependency injection container.
  • ActiveWeb uses ActiveJDBC as ORM layer - ActiveWeb uses ActiveJDBC as ORM layer. This is a lightweight integration, and both frameworks work very well together. However, developers still have the option of using a different ORM package if desired.
  • Built-in support for Unobtrusive JavaScript - this allows for the development of dynamic Ajax applications without having to write repetitive JavaScript code. Unobtrusive JavaScript does not clutter HTML pages as generated JavaScript would.


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5 minute video to understand ActiveWeb

Watch a quick video on Youtube that demonstrates ActiveWeb?s ability to add code to the application dynamically, at run time.

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